Antea P

What about me?

This is a part of my life, a big part if I have to be honest.
I am thinking, eating, breathing, drinking and doing photography since 2007, when I discovered it in the far and exciting Big Apple, NYC. I found myself in the lines, in the reflexes and in the shadows that these huge skyscrapers created.
In that moment I understood that I couldn´t live anymore without taking photographies. 
I came back to my hometown, near Florence in Italy, and I decided to use the camera as the common point between my own world and the real world.
It´s a research that is during until now, trying to link my ideas to the real world and vice versa.
My actual vision turns around the lines: searching abstract situations where everyone can find his own world, his own reality so that ist not abstract and decorative anymore but personal and kind of private. 
I can see a dream in a picture, you can see your life, mybe he can see a memory and they can find something psychologic inside. 
In my vision what´s objective becomes personal and from personal into universal.
What´s universal is true, pure and without beginning or end.
In the section "Other Projects", you can find some experiments that are the essence of my life: pictures where I match photography and painting, linking the classic past to one of the greatest revolutions in the World: photography. Raw with fine, subjective with objective, istinctivity with reality.

1993, I was born near Milan, Italy
2012, I finished to study Art and Painting in High School, close to Florence, Italy.
2012, I moved to Rome for working.
2013, I worked in Ibiza, Spain, as photographer.
2013, I followed an Accademic Course of Photography.
2014, I moved to Berlin, Germany for working and to itrigue my vision.

2016, I am now based in Berlin, working day by day at my vision to let a dream become reality, to share my thoughts, to share my ideas.

I hope you´ll find a part of you in these pictures. 
Feel free to contact me for sharing ideas, to propose projects or whatever you prefer.

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